Blog Series: Guest Bloggers Files / Lust Luxe Love

I’ve said it before, Amanda’s blog is a delight to read! She has such an ease to translate an outfit into a room and viceversa, and this time she perfectly captured both using the military jacket as inspiration. Thanks Amanda!

Hi The Vault Files readers! This is Amanda from Lust luxe love taking over for Gaby today! Her blog is one of my daily reads, so of course I’m thrilled to be here!

We’ve all seen this current fall staple worn and styled everywhere – the military jacket, so there’s no denying that I’m loving this transition trend. I have a few military jackets from last fall that I’m planning on wearing again but I’m not limiting to just the jackets and vests this time… here’s how I would rock this style, in military chic fashion!

via Trendy Taste

 01 Sunglasses | 02 Nail ColorBlack Pearl | 05 Silk Tank | 07 Leather Bracelet | 09 iPhone Case | 10 Satchel |  11 Boots

And if you can’t get enough of it, here’s a few accessories to pull this look together for your home, keeping it masculine yet totally military chic!

01 Jewelry Box | 02 Frame | 03 Dessert Plate | 04 lkat Pillow | 05 Sparkle Pillow Cover | 06 Buckle Tray | 07 Alexander McQueen Book | 08 GUCCI: The Making Of | 09 Trunk | 10 Tumblr | 11 Coaster | 12 Moss Covered Balls | 13 Bone Side Table | 14 Cocktail Tables 

Thanks so much for having me here today, Gaby!