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I didn’t “meet” Ashley that long ago, but she has become one of my very favorite bloggers in a very short time. She’s a charm and she seriously makes the most adorable DIY projects ever. Plus, her photos are always gorgeous! If you still don’t believe me, then just take a look at this project she created just for us, thanks Ashley!

DIY Gold Leaf Nocturnal Journal

I, Ashley, used to always talk about how my best ideas seemed to come to me right before I fell asleep at night, so my first year of art school, a friend bought me a nocturnal journal to keep at my bedside to jot things down so I didn’t forget. I absolutely loved it, and I’ve kept one ever since (how can you not love something with that clever of a name)! Since they’re meant for creative ideas, why not get creative with your notebook, too?

Materials Needed-

Plain Moleskin (or any notebook)
Hole punch
Sheet of card stock
Gold leaf paint
Paint brush


Use the hole punch to create a polka dot design with your card stock, and then tape it to your notebook to serve as a stencil.

Paint thin coats of the gold leafing onto the cut-outs. I also chose to dry-brush the edges of the notebook to give it a gilded effect by holding the pages tightly together and stroking the edges with the side of the almost dry paint brush.

Let it dry, and you’re done! Now you have a cute notebook for your side table and you’ll never forget your sleepy ideas. 🙂

xo Ash