Blog Series: Guest Bloggers Files: Because It’s Awesome

I’m sure you all know Tobe, she’s my Where/Wear half, and blogger behind Because It’s Awesome. Tobe has become one of my favorite internet people, you guys have no idea how much I love working with her on our series. She sure knows decor, and I love this post, especially the layering rugs concept!

hello, all! tobe from because it’s awesome here. i am so happy to be filling in for gaby while she makes her big move! although, i’ll have to admit, they are some pretty big shoes to fill. girl’s got a seriously great eye for fashion and design!

being that gaby will be decorating a whole new space soon, i thought i’d touch on a few things i’m loving lately in interior decor . . .

1 // layered rugs. after months and months of rug shopping, i’ve come to realize that these bad boys can be expensive! a perfect way to get a finished look on a budget is to go with a large natural rug (think sisal or jute) and then use smaller (aka more expensive) rugs to add interest or identify zones.

 new england home // dooce // joslyn taylor in rue magazine

* i’m honestly surprised that more people don’t do this! i had a hard time finding great examples.

2 // eccentric wallpaper. if you can find something you love enough to commit to, holy impact!

 john robshaw // miles redd // apartment therapy // lonny mag

* a good way to make this look more affordable is to use the paper as art by making framed wall panels. or do as the homeowner of that last shot did and buy sheets of inexpensive decorative paper. genius!

3 // trim. i am so head over heels, absolutely undeniably smitten with wood trim lately. it’s easy to install, inexpensive, and it looks like a million bucks no matter what color you paint your room (a good general rule of thumb is to stick to a consistent wall color for ultimate sophistication). a definite YES if you ask me.

vogue // peter pennoyer architects // lonny magazine // peter pennoyer architects

so there you have it. just a few elements of design that i’ve been crushing on lately. what say you? what’s getting you guys excited about decor? i’d love to hear!