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I’m so happy to have my friend Emily here today! I’m sure that if we both lived in the same city we would hang out all the time, right Emily? I love her style, and how down to earth she is, so naturally, I love her blog! And this post is just fabulous, are you all taking notes? Thanks so much Emily! 😉

Hello fabulous friends of Gaby!  I’m Emily from Recently,
and, just so you know, any friend of Gaby’s is a friend of mine, so,
hello friends!  Since we’re all friendly now, let’s grab our virtual
pens and paper, because today we’re taking notes.  Styling notes to be

I’m always wondering how I should style the latest trends, (all
of us can’t be natural fashion goddesses like Gaby, right?) so I’m guessing
that some of you are as well.  One of those trends is the ladylike
jacket, which, whether it be a traditional tweed or a modern print, is a time worn favorite that deserves a well appointed ensemble.  Luckily, the
internet is stuffed full of inspiration, so I grabbed my favorite looks and
took some notes….

Image 1 Via Zara // Image 2 Via J.Crew  // Image 3 Via Atlantic Pacific // Image 4 Via J.Crew // Image 5 Via Topshop’s Pinterest // Image 6 Via 9 to 5 Chic

Thankfully, these are the kind of notes you may copy as you please.  In fact, it’s down right encouraged, so take a few notes of your own and get those fall wardrobes ready!

Gaby, I know you’re more than ready to wear your fall clothes again!  I’m so excited for you, and,  although I’ll miss all your updates from the island of “Lost”, I have no doubts your adventures in civilization will keep us glued to our screens.  Thanks again for having me today, and to all of you for letting me join the party!