Happy Weekend! And NZ photos part III

Yay for Friday! Though I have to admit, time flies here in civilization! I’ve been working hard all week on unpacking boxes and suitcases, and trying to store and organize things. I ended up with 6 garbage bags full of clothes and shoes to donate, and I think I’ll go over my closet again once I re-organize everything after a little DIY I’m planning 😉 The thought of someone in need having some warm layers for winter makes me happy 🙂

Any plans for the weekend? We betta move in our apartment, so I think we’ll have some work and shopping to do (all house related of course). Hope you have a fantastic one! Here I leave some links to posts I found interesting, and some photos of Queenstown (one of my very favorite places of our trip), where I would move in a second if I had the chance!

> Can you believe this photo?
> This is sooo interesting!
> An awesome save option of a great bootie
> I would have loved this party as a kid
> These ladies show fashionable finds at Target
> Indoor clouds and another cloud
> I really like this scarf
> And again, I agree with her