My life File: Back in Civilization

I’m back! And off the Island! Woo Hoo! You know what’s the best part of being here in Toronto this time? We don’t have to go back! We got in late last night, exhausted after such a long trip with no stop
overs (what were we thinking?), but happy to be back to our city, with no 15 hours of time difference with every person I know.

Today I woke up wanting to do everything in one day, and by everything I mean everything: running by the Harbourfront, going grocery shopping, visiting West Elm, taking Matthew to the playground, going to the Island, visiting all my favorite shops (and adding some shopping, wink wink!), eating pizza at Terroni’s, a veggie wrap at Freshi, Frozen Yogurt at Blush Berry, grabing a healthy smoothie at Fresh, walking down Queen Street….and I could go on and on! Having the opportunity to do so many things that bring such joy is wonderful! I feel like a tourist in my own city 😉

How have you been? We had an AMAZING time in New Zealand, but really missed blogging (I’ll be fully back next week). I have tons of pictures to
share (I took a LOT of pictures), so I think I’ll be posting pics for
months! But for now I hope you’re enjoying my lovely guest bloggers, thanks so much for supporting them 🙂