My life file: Birthday Loot!

The day of my birthday (and the next one too) I went for a little shopping spree without the boys, it was delightful! 😉 First I went to Urban Outfitters, where I got this blouse, which is waaaaaay nicer in person (I promise!). Then I went to Aritzia where I got that scarf you see on the far left in the photo above, and lastly I went to Club Monaco, where I fell in love with the whole store (not kidding!).

I don’t know if it’s because my style has matured in the last LOST years but I honestly wanted every.single.thing. at Club Monaco. Everything fits very nice, and you can tell the quality is good, so I was willing to spend a little bit more for pieces that will last long and that will get a lot of wear. I think I’ve become more savvy when it comes to shopping, and now I ask myself “how can wear this piece?” Which immediately throws my mind onto creating outfits with existing pieces in my closet or ones I’m about to get, like that polka dot blouse, which will go perfectly with the leather looking jeans I’m about to get any minute (a gift from me to me!).

Matilda Silk Shirt / Crystal Bar Earrings / Remi Hat / Liza Crop Pant (on sale!) / Connor Plaid Scarf / Bumble Bee Scarf / Trudy Silk Sweater / Cassie Silk & Lace Top / Ernest Alexander Cross-body / Kendra Satchel