My life File: Decor happenings

Hello!!! And happy Monday! I still have some of my talented blogging buddies filling in but I just couldn’t resist to blog. It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve terribly missed blogging, so I hope my guests don’t feel offended, and I hope they understand 😉

So, this is what’s been happening lately:
> I’m staying at my sis-in-law (who conveniently lives next door), while we get the apartment ready to bring in the furniture from our storage (mainly cleaning, painting, and changing some carpets).

> Since I’m expecting to sell some of our stuff, I’ve been furniture hunting. Matthew is not sleeping in a crib anymore so I’m basically doing his bedroom from scratch. Remember my mood board for his room? Well, I got the duvet, sheets, that dinosaur sham (since dinosaurs are his favorite thing I know that it will make him happy), and I’m still debating between the Dwell Trellis pillow and the West Elm solid one, what do you think? Then I need to get this rug and this dresser, which I saw at the store over the weekend, and let me tell you, it’s perfection (pricey though, so I have to do some convincing).

> Husband is not sold at all with the Wishbone Chair (which deserves a major boo!!!) so after much deliberation, I suggested the Porter Upholestered Armchair from West Elm, and it looks like it’s a winner 😉

> I got my eyes on that wallpaper from Oh Joy! for Hygge & West, and husband approved, so I just have to take some measurements so that I can order it (and find someone to install it?)

How have you been? Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and all the best for this week!

PS: Judging by the fact that is 1:17 1:42 am and I’m here finishing this post and Matthew is jumping on the couch just went to bed, you could say that we still have some jet lag going on.
And yes, in case you’re wondering, grey is my favorite color 😉