My life file: New Zealand in a Camper Van Part II

After spending a full day in Christchurch, we got into our camper vans (we rented one for each family) and drove around the island clockwise. Have I mentioned that they drive on the other side of the road in New Zealand? That was interesting, especially considering that the truck was manual! (luckily the husband did all the driving). Besides our 5 star camper van (we rented these), I was really impressed by the camp sites, which were fully equipped with washrooms, laundry, kitchen, bbq areas, playgrounds, and even wifi! That’s what I call camping 😉

On a typical day we would get up around 7-8 am (we’d go to bed really late!), get the beds back into the seating layout, shower, eat breakfast, and leave. Some days I would even go for a run (if it wasn’t raining and I wasn’t too tired!). Then we would drive, stop for lunch and stroll around, get to our next destination by 5pm, go grocery shopping, have dinner (each family would host every other day), talk about the beautiful scenery we saw that day (while Matthew and Ava would play drivers), plan the next day, and then go to bed. Since it was low season, we didn’t have to make reservations at the Camp Sites, so having the freedom to decide when and where to drive to was kind of relaxing.

I have more photos coming later this week, hope you like them!