Obsession File: iPhone cases

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was quite delightful, thank you all for the birthday wishes, I really had a great day! I’ll fill you in later this week 😉

I suppose I don’t have to tell you that the iPhone 5 is available, right? Unless of course, you’re one of my friends still in LOST life 😉 (hi!) Well, we’re joining modern civilization by getting it, which considering that I’ve had 3 different phones in the last 5 years (the cheapest of the cheapest ones available in the different countries we’ve lived in), is a big event 😉

And with this big upgrade, comes case hunting (wink wink!), and let me tell you that it’s been hard to narrow down the choices! If I had to choose a case, it would definitely be one of these above. I think I could get it down to three, being Cheetah and Foxes on top of my list, but honestly, narrowing down a third one
is tough! Aren’t they all gorgeous? If you have an iPhone, how many
cases do you own? More than one?

FIRST ROW: Landon Sheely Fox Case / Jagger Edge Spring Fling iPhone 4 Cover / Rebecca Minkoff  Cheetah iPhone Case 
SECOND ROW: Sweet Moments Captured Red and Pink iPhone Case / Paperfashion Pink Pattern / Galaxy Eyes Glitter is My Favorite Color 
THIRD ROW: Garima Dhawan Gold Dots Case / Tory Burch printed Hardshell Case / Sandra Arduini Muted Triangles