Fashion File: Go Try it On

Have you heard of Go Try it On? I recently joined and I really love the concept, is an app that allows you to post photos about style on-the-go, isn’t that genius? And can we talk about their gorgeous app cover? Sooo pretty! With this app you can share what you’re wearing, great fashion finds, heart looks or items you love, or just discover style inspiration from around the globe. As their creators call it, is the “Social side of style”, but I also like to think about it as Instagram’s little fashionista sister 😉

If you’d like to download the free app just click here, and if you’d like to follow me you can find me under Gaby – The Vault Files; I’ll be sharing outfits, fashion finds, things that catch my eye or just detail shots of things I’m wearing, hopefully you’ll find some inspiration 😉

If you already are on it please let me know your username so that I can find you 😉 Here is an example of what you can expect to find from me:

 What I’m wearing

 Detail shots

Great fashion finds