Happy Weekend – Milford Sounds / NZ

Our picnic view (a random stop)

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Last night we watched Hugo, and wow, what a great movie, LOVED it! I highly recommend it, though I’m just catching up in the movies department so I’m pretty sure you all have watched it 😉

Here are some links and photos from New Zealand (we had pretty bad weather that day, but the next batch of photos are brighter, I promise!):

> Powerful women
>  Brilliant little costumes
> Liz Lemon in a box
> It makes sense that he’s J.Crew menswear director
> Iceland from above
> All you need is 5 pieces

Quick picnic lunch stop before heading to Milford Sounds where we went on a boat tour

The scariest road I’ve ever been on in my life!

 On the boat

Can you see the Sea Lions?

See how big the cliffs were?

Imagine how pretty would this be on a sunny day?