My life File: Mixed

My mind has been everywhere these past couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to get back into my organized self. We finally moved in (this is our second night at our place) but there’s still chaos, and there’s still lots to do, so I’m still pretty busy getting everything organized, and I can’t wait to have everything sorted and get back to my regular rhythm. Anyway, here are some random happenings that make a really mixed post for today 😉

Remember I talked about wanting to change my dining chairs? Well, I brilliantly sold my old ones before getting new ones (yeap, good thinking huh?), so between moving and getting organized, we spent the weekend looking at chairs everywhere, with no luck. The ones we both liked were either not available here in Canada, or just not ready to ship for at least a month. It was really frustrating, and I didn’t want to get just any chair, I wanted to get a chair I we really liked. Well, our bad luck ended when we scored that settee above (the very last one available, as in it will be discontinued) which we plan to put on one side of the table, while placing 3 of these chairs on the other side. I think is going to look great 😉 And yes, you could imagine my happy face when the husband totally bought my idea 🙂 (remember I talked about the settee here?) We still have to wait 10 days to receive it and it already is my favorite piece of furniture in the house, I’m so in love with it! 😉

I bought those pants above at Zara a week ago and I’ve been wearing them non-stop! They fit incredibly good, I highly recommend them if you like Camouflage 😉

I just received this gorgeous print in the mail and I’m 99.9% sure my friend Chassity sent it over for me. Ever since we got LOST, we both talked about how perfect this print was for us, and I can’t believe she sent it over for me, I’m so so grateful for such a sweet act! It was a really nice surprise 🙂

I don’t think I shared these delicious cupcakes we had on my birthday, did I? We got them at this new (I think is new) place on Queen Street, called Dlish. They were divine! I had a vanilla and shared a Nutella one with my sister-in-law. The boys had carrot cake, red velvet, and dark chocolate.

Lastly, my iPhone 5 arrived last week (!!!!), so I couldn’t resist to join Instagram. I think this was the first or second photo I shared, if you want to follow me, my username is gabyburger 😉
*PS: can we talk about how did I survive life with no iPhone? my life just changed completely, c.r.a.z.y.

See? I told ya this was a mixed post, hope you have a great week!