My life file: Welcome to Miami

Bienvenido a Miami! We arrived here on Saturday and as Matthew said when we stepped out the airport “it’s so hot!”, which is not that bad, since it was getting cooler (and very windy) when we left Toronto 😉

While on the plane, we were talking about how many times Matthew has taken a flight and we just realized that with this trip we wouldn’t be surprised if he thinks we are gypsies. Since leaving the Island on the last day of August to this very day, we have slept in 7 different places. That means, that I have unpacked and re-packed a suitcase (actually more than just one) close to 14 times in less than 2 months! It really is incredible how kids have this ability to adapt so rapidly to different environments!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! And before leaving you with these photos I took from the plane (don’t you love taking pics from above?, it has become my favorite thing to do on a flight, I always call for the window seat first!), I wanted to thank you all for the sweet comments you left on Friday, you truly are an amazing group of people, and I feel very lucky to know you all!