Inspiration File: Desk decor

So, having a new desk pretty much means that I just added another space to be decorated to the never ending to-do list around here (as if that’s what I need!). But because this tiny tiny space is mine and only mine, I really don’t need to make any consultations with the husband, right? No “but”, no “I don’t like that”, no “that’s too girly”, I and only I decide how am I decorating it, and that my friends, feels pretty awesome 😉

Some of these items I already own, but I’m looking into adding some of these, along with a pinboard similar to this one, only that it has to be very narrow because with the shelf and some art, I don’t have the space. I guess it’s going to be a DIY project!

What do you think? I’m excited! 🙂

Vase with flowers image via Poppytalk Handmade / Design Darling Quartz bookends / West Elm Marble Shelf / Caitlin Wilson Designs Berry Fleur Chinoise pillow / Anthropologie Bulletin Mouse Pad / Anthropologie Happy Notes Pad / West Elm Andalusia Rug / Anthropologie Golden Viper Journals / Kari Herer Magnolia Bug Photograph / Emily Ley Gold Paper Clips / Indigo Cursive Monogram Mug