My life file: Weekend pics

Blue sky and the CN Tower

This weekend we had such gorgeous days! The sky was blue, the sun was shinning, just a spectacular weekend! Though to be honest, I was freezing on Sunday as the wind was blowing pretty strong and I under-dressed for the Santa Claus Parade, which by the way was a total fiasco, not because it wasn’t good, but because Matthew didn’t like it at all, go figure!

How was your weekend? Considering the beautiful days and the acquisition of my new desk, mine was excellent! In the 8 years of my marriage life, I’ve never had a desk of my own, so yes, I’m pretty excited! I feel have much more structure now, and I’m more than ready to decorate this tiny space of mine 😉

Here are some photos I snapped during the weekend:

Excited to start reading these new books!

We finally made it to the Cupcake Truck, more on that soon!

Yellow and Blue (not re-touched!)

Pretty building

And lastly, because this made me smile the whole week, one of the best purchases I’ve made from Target 😉