Guest Posting File: Holiday Wishlist

If you like fashion and you like to shop like me, then you could probably put together more than one wishlist, am I right? But even though I could make more than one list, there are a couple of items I’ve been wishing for for over a year, so I think they make it to the very top. I’m talking about a biker leather jacket (in black) and a DSLR camera. How many times have I included these on a whislist? countless times! so I think is time they happen, at least one of them, right? right?! (I swear I’ve been good!).

So, if you want to check what else is on my Holiday wishlist, just hop on over to Let it be Beatiful, where I’m happy to be participating on Ashlyn’s Holiday series “12 Days of Christmas Wishes”. Hope to see you there 😉

On my wishlist: 
1. Topshop Traditional Leather Jacket: I was dreaming about this one, but that is never going to happen, so this Topshop one is more realistic and I like it a lot!
2. Talula PARK SLOPE VEST: Love everything about this vest! 
3. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer in Silver: I love baking so this makes sense, and ever since I got married and left home I’ve been wishing for one (my mom has one and it was my favorite kitchen gadget), plus this would make my Friday’s pizza nights a whole lot easier 😉
4. Kate Spade cobble hill krista: Love this bag.
5. Cannon EOS Rebel T3: I think is time to upgrade my digital camera, please please please!
6. T. Babaton GUNNER SCARF: This is such a great accessory, throw it over a top, a sweater or your coat and you instantly update them!