Great Finds File: Get Organized!

I think that one of the best ways to keep yourself organized is to have pretty things to help you do that, don’t you think? It’s pretty much like having cute clothes for working out, it can be quite motivating 😉 I swear, if I had all these I would be one organized (and happy) lady!

1. Emily Ley Grace Not Perfection White + Gold Art Print: Isn’t this print great? Perfect for us perfectionists 😉
2. Russell & Hazel Leather Stash Sack: Keep here your clips, rolls of washi tape, you name it! It’s a great catch all! It would also be really cute for keeping your business cards, don’t you think?
3. Russell & Hazel Acrylic Tape Dispenser: Acrylic and gold, do I have to say more?
4. Pei Design Stockholm Pencil Set: How cute are these? especially the polka dot one 😉
5. West Elm Heirloom Scissors: I saw these at West Elm during the weekend and I forgot to get them, they really are gorgeous!
6. Kate Spade New York whistle while you work file folders: Keep and file your papers in pretty folders!
7. Anthropologie  Bulletin Pencil Cup: Just like the mouse pad!
8. Russell & Hazel Acrylic Stapler: See number 3 😉
9. Mr. Boddington Leather Password Book: This, I really need!
10. Emily Ley Sheet Set – To Do: She also has pads that can be monogrammed 😉
11. Whitney English The Day Designer Planner: Saw this on Two Penny Blue and immediately clicked on the link, only to be immensely disappointed by the shipping fee (crazy expensive!) 🙁 She has an extensive collection of great pads for organization, for everything you can think of 😉