Inspiration File: 2013 – Make it Count!

Hello!!! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Did you have a great Holidays? I hope you did! I unintentionally took a break from posting as I enjoyed these days with my family and friends, but I’m fully back and I have lots of stuff to share with all of you 🙂 First off, let’s begin the year with the right foot, shall we? Let’s make this year count! Let’s take better care of ourselves, both inside and outside; let’s take care of our surroundings, our home, our possessions, our environment; let’s be better persons!

I’ve been already working on it! I just got my hair colored and cut yesterday (yay!), I’ve been backing up my photos and files (never ending but oh so worth it!), I’ve been cleaning up and decluttering my desktop, I want to start juicing (need to get a juicer asap!), I just went for a run this morning (no better way to start the year than running!), I’d really like to take a photography class, and I’m just going to make my new year’s resolutions happen! So, if you want to join me in making this year count, let’s DO IT! 😉 

Remember, you and only you can make a difference in living better, so let’s do it! Whatever your resolutions are for this year, let’s start working on them right now!

Images: Drink / Closet / Leather wrapped vases / It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done Print / Manual Photography Cheat Sheet / Haircut / Yoga Pose / Not listed: my own.