Blog Series File: Wear/Where Valentine’s Day Edition

I’m so excited that Tobe and I are back with Wear/Where because I really enjoy doing these posts with her! If you’re new here and have never seen these before, my pal Tobe has an amazing taste in interiors, so we take an item, occasion, or trend and turn it into a room (Tobe’s job) and an outfit (my part). Hope you guys enjoy this Valentine’s day edition one 😉

So, whether your plan is having a romantic dinner with your guy or a fun evening with your besties, Valentine’s day is a special occasion, and as such, you got to dress for it!

Naturally, this day calls for the obvious red, so why don’t you make a statement with these radiant trousers, and this creamy red lipstick that promises to stay on for hours? I like how these graceful bow sandals (aren’t they stunning?!) soften up this geometric sequin-embellished tank, don’t you? And of course, we can’t leave some jewelry behind, and what better occasion to wear those gold stacked love rings and this golden bouquet ring? (you got the love, you got the flowers kind of thing?) And because to me, nothing speaks more sexy than the one and only Tom Ford, you really can’t go wrong with his sensuous black orchid fragrance 😉 To finish the look, this Glitter clutch is the perfect show stopper!

In Tobe’s words:

You’ve got the card, you’re wearing your finest, lipstick’s on. Now let’s get that table set! Start with a graphic punch (these placemats will definitely get the job done) and layer and bold hit of black and white. To keep things monochrome but still dramatic, serve your champers or vino in gorgeous black opaque stemware (holla!) and get that special occasion gold serveware out. Classic water glasses with gold rims round out the look without scrimping on style. Every romantic meal (heck, every meal) is best with candlelight, so plan to have a few of these on the table for a hit of color. Dress up that card delivery with a heart clip that truly sparkles (and, bonus, you can repurpose that bad boy later).