DIY file: Gold painted heart mug for Valentines

Here’s a another quick and easy DIY project for Valentine’s that doesn’t require lots of time nor money (a cheap dollar store mug would do!) but that is sure to go a long way! 😉

As a huge fan of West Elm and everything they do, I loved the valentine mugs they had just a couple of weeks ago (and that now seem to be sold out!); so, inspired by them, I created my own version with some porcelain paint. All I did was draw a heart on the mug with a pencil, then I filled the space with the paint, waited for 24 hours to dry, and then I “baked” the mug for 35 minutes (as per the paint’s instructions).

Then, as an extra sweet touch, I filled the mug with my favorite chocolate, so if you’re gifting it to someone,  just find out what their favorite treat is, and fill it with it 😉

This is all you’ll need!

  Fill the mug with his/hers favorite treats 😉