DIY File: Heart shaped chocolates for Valentine’s

Ok so do you want to know what is equally dangerous as owning a can of gold spray paint? Melting chocolate. Just as I could spend all day thinking of things I could have gold painted, I’m currently thinking of the great potential some melted chocolate has. Dangerous I tell ya.

As most of you would probably say that it’s easier to just buy a bag of heart chocolates (I know, they are everywhere!), I’ll give you two reasons why you should attempt this: One-> it only takes 15 minutes, at the very most! Two-> This is a small little gift that is completely personalized with your (or his/hers) favorite chocolate and/or chocolate and nut combo. So, don’t you think it’s worth doing it? I think so! I did mine with some semi-sweet chocolate with orange and added some chopped pecans, but the options are endless 😉

 Melt your favorite chocolate and add any nuts or treats if you like to

Fill your tin with the chocolate (I got this silicon one at the dollar store) and refrigerate for an hour or so

Pop them out

And place them in a clear bag to hand out or just wrap some pretty (and sparkly) ribbon around them!