My life file: Alt Summit 2013 Recap Part I

Photo by Brooke Dennis  for Alt

I hope that the last two recaps have been useful for you, while I do understand that by sharing the content I learned maybe isn’t considered as the most business savvy decision, I do like to think that there’s enough room for all of us to succeed in whatever path we intend or wish to be successful. We are all different, we all have different views, talents and things to offer because we all are unique. I compare it to those open book college tests….sometimes is not about knowing the info but knowing what to do with the information. Besides, I don’t consider my fellow blogger friends as competitors, I truly enjoy when they get recognition, and I’m always happy for them. Life is just one, and you can’t blame your failure or someone else’s success, you have to work hard for you.

One of the things I heard at one of the panels that I really liked, was something that Meg Keene said, it went something like this: don’t try to make your readers like you, instead of accommodating your readership, change it. You want your readers to love you, and if they don’t, repel them, because at the end you really don’t want someone who is not the right fit for what you blog about. So of course I want you to like me, but I want you to like me for who I am, not for someone you want me to be. Some may think that this is not exactly the most competitive approach, but guess what? I’m not in a competition! And I guess that before being business oriented I’m human oriented, I prefer to be a good person and happy with myself than to be a good business person who doesn’t enjoy what she does, or who does everything forced in exchange for success and recognition. I favor blog connections that are natural and organic and not forced in any way, that’s just how I am.

So back to Alt (sorry for the deviation ), The three most important things I learned at Alt were:
– Content is key. It’s all about content and your ability to provide it in a unique and original way. Nothing will happen if you don’t.
– If you have “online” friends, you can really start considering them as real friends.
– In order to be successful you have to work hard. If you fall, you must get up, and keep pushing.

This last one I got it from the roundtable with Tiffani Jones Brown from Pinterest. She said that it’s of common nature to believe that people have always been successful, and it really isn’t like that. The road to success is not necessarily always pretty, is all about trial and error. So guess what? that online platform we all rave about called Pinterest, didn’t happen overnight, it took years of trial and error, so if you feel like you’re not going anywhere, keep on going, don’t abandon whatever it is you’re working towards to 😉

Ok, let’s loosen up a little bit, shall we? Here are some fun snaps from Alt 😉

 Airport outfit: this sweater (on sale), these jeans, these booties (on crazy sale!)

No chaos in our room! We were a pretty organized duo: my roomie Chassity took the left side while I kept it all on the right

Seeing Chassity’s hair tools made me think that I need to step it up (I only own a drugstore brush!) 😉


 Spotted: Pretty braids

Chassity’s pants were a huge hit! Also loved this gold detail on her flats

Animal print on Lauren, just before starting a panel

 Pretty headband at The Land of Nod lounge

 At one of the lounges

Photo booth fun with Bailey, Jamie, Sally, Chassity, and Molly

Photo by Chad Riley for Flipboard 

Having  fun with Lauren, Chassity, and Courtney. Love these girls.

Photo via Blurb on Flickr

With Chassity, Courtney and Kirsten