Blog series: In My Closet – Good Life

So happy to have Jill from Good Life here today sharing her personal fashion style and tips. Enjoy her answers! 😉

Describe your personal style: I would describe my style as casual and classic with a dash of the trends.  I like to keep everything comfortable but stylish at the same time.

Must have items in your closet: Skinny jeans and flats (or flat boots) are my everyday wear for sure.  A striped top or a blazer (or both!) always equal a simple but pulled together look for me. Then I like to top these basics off with a fun piece of jewelry or two and a nice, high quality handbag.

Latest purchase: My latest splurge was the Tartine bag from J.Crew – I absolutely LOVE J.Crew handbags and this little lady is no exception.

Favorite color combo: Lately I am really loving my bold red J.Crew blazer with jeans. The faded blue and bright red seems so classic and fresh together.  And really I never, ever tire of stripes… I am partial to the black and white variety, but I’ll take any stripe really!

Who are your style icons? I don’t think I really have a specific style icon. Lately I get a ton of inspiration by reading style blogs. The regular gals taking photos of their outfits always inspires me, to me they are relatable and they inspire me like a girlfriend over lunch or coffee would. See Jane, Seersucker + SaddlesHere & Now, and In The City With Crystalin are just a few of my favorites these days.

Favorite online retailers: Lately I am a Baublebar junkie – I probably visit that site everyday for inspiration and peruse.  Otherwise Gap, Old Navy and J.Crew are amazing to shop online – I prefer to avoid the mall if I can, so I love to sit back and search those sites for new duds.

If you could only shop at one shop which one would it be? I’ve been obsessed with the Gap since I can remember (I remember spending every last dime I had there in high school) and I worked there in college and that is also how I met my husband (a story for another day!).  So to me, Gap is in my blood. I love the simple and classic pieces that they offer at great price. I love a lot of stores, but Gap is still my tried and true.

How do you keep your closet organized? I never just throw clothes on the floor. As a busy mom I feel like it’s my one sanctuary in the whole house (no kids allowed!) so I like to keep it tidy and inspiring.  I like to set everything up so I can see it.  Jackets and blazers together, button front tops together, tops are organized by sleeve length and color and pants and jeans are hung so I can quickly access them.  The shoes are overflowing… but who can complain about that? (wink, wink!)

How often do you purge your closet? When I am feeling stuck with my wardrobe I see what I can weed out. I like to look into my closet and only find pieces that I absolutely LOVE.  I keep a small bag going of items that don’t fit or that don’t fit my style anymore in the back of my closet and when it’s full I take it to a consignment store or the thrift store to be loved by someone else!

What are you getting this Spring to update your closet? COLOR!  I am obsessed with color, color, color. I’d like to add some new colored bottoms like short, khakis and jeans and some fun colored tops as well.  The future looks bright! 🙂

Most treasured item (s): Of course the engagement ring my husband gave me over 10 years ago still makes my heart flutter.  I stack that with a band of diamonds that were a combination of my late grandmother’s and my mother’s engagement and wedding diamonds.  They are a constant reminder to me of love and the importance of family.

Any personal styling tricks you’d like to share? A simple belt can really jazz up a look.  A blazer over a t-shirt looks like a million bucks when really, all you are wearing is a comfy t-shirt. Cute shoes can conquer the world.

* Thanks so much Jill!
Closet Images: Jill’s own.
Style icons photos: Seersucker & Saddles / See Jane / In the City with Crystalin
Products: Club Monaco Renee Top / Gap Dot Calf Hair Ballet Flats / Charles Philip “Sheila” Leopard Loafers