My life file: First timers

Since this week I’m having a lot of first timers: first time I’m all by myself at home since Matthew was born, first time I don’t have to make him lunch, and first time I walk back home sans stroller (I leave it at his preschool, soooo convenient!); I thought I’d share with you the first time I went to London and visited Harrods. After all, since I love the store so much, I thought this was perfect timing to share this little story 😉

Growing up, my mom made a couple of trips with her sisters and parents to London and I remember looking at those photos and just loosing myself in them. Yeap, it looked very grey, but so amazing! I loved the architecture, the black taxis, and of course, as a little girl, who wouldn’t fantasize about the royal family? Anyway, back in 2006 (if I’m not wrong), the husband and I went to London for the very first time, and besides wanting to visit the Tower, Buckingham Palace, the London Museum… you know, the touristy must-visit places, I had to go to Harrods! You see, my mom used to carry around those coated cotton bags (like this one) with fabrics and sewing projects all.the.time. In fact, she still does, and my dad used to have this black velvet suit from Harrods which I always dreamed of having it tailored for me (my mom kept it and she still asks me if I want it haha!), so you’d understand why I wanted to go so much, right?

Well, even though it was a quick visit, guess why? I give you a hint: men. I wanted to get something as a souvenir, just one thing that would always remind me of that visit. My very first Longchamp bag was bought there, and even though it has seen cleaner days, I still use it (aren’t they practical? I love them!). Here it is:

My first Longchamp bag

And I can’t believe I’m going to share this photo here, but here I am, the day we went to Harrods (that’s the same shopping bag pictured above, and yes, that’s me with long hair eeeeekkk!!!):

So, I’ve been dreaming, if I ever get the chance to go again, I’d love to buy another “souvenir” to remind me of the trip 😉 Here’s what I’d get if I’d hop on a plane right now:

My ideal wishlist: A pair of Chloé contrasting flats that I’m sure I’d wear every single day (you guys know I love my neutrals), a dream bag like the Chloé Small Paraty Tote or that colorblock mini tote also by Chloé (so current with the black/white trend right?), pouches the keep me organized (looove all these by Anya Hindmarch), a new iPad cover to replace my very worn out metallic one, a black faux wrap skirt that I could wear for a date (wink wink), and because I live in flats, I’d looove to get these Salvatore Ferragamo Barbados flats that have some sort of d’Orsay look but with a
peep-toe (something I find very flattering) and
feminine bows. Yeap, that would be the dream 😉 

What do you think? this would make an amazing loot right?

* This post was sponsored by Harrods, but everything you read and see here was by my choice, and all opinions are my own! If you ever wonder, I’ll never sell myself for something I don’t passionately love 😉