My life file: Lately

Historia de la Moda (Fashion History) by Taschen

While rearranging some stuff around the house a couple of days ago, I took out these books my mom gifted me some years ago, and just realized how pretty they were in the inside! Seriously, why did I never check them? The sleeve has nothing to do with how pretty they are. I now have both of them (there’s the fuchsia one above, and this one) displayed around the apartment instead of stored inside the bookcase where they can’t be seen 🙂

Last week I visited the J.Crew store at the Eaton Centre for the very first time! Of course I brought a catalog home with me, along with this (in ivory) 😉

In love with our new sunburst mirror and these bright phalaenopsis!

Yeap, I’m late in the game…I just bought Nars in Orgasm 😉

I picked up a sweet little monkey for my niece 😉

Gallery wall: almost there!

How glamorous are these mini perfume bottles I spotted at Chapters? love them!