Art file: Maison Gray Far Far Away

Happy Monday everyone! I want to start the week by sharing the newest addition of Gray Malin‘s photographs. This collection, named Far Far Away was shot in Bolivia, in the world’s largest salt flat, el Salar de Uyuni. When I saw these I couldn’t help but think about my youngest brother who lived in Bolivia for 2 years, and who visited this place with the Red Bull team recently. I remember I was going to share his photos with all of you because they were spectacular, but I don’t know what happened, maybe that post got buried in my drafts folder? Anyway, you must take a look at the entire collection because all of the photos are insanely gorgeous. I particularly love the llamas, don’t you think they have this expression on their faces that kind of says “I’m just too cool”? I think so 😉

PS: If you like photography you should follow Gray’s blog, you’ll love it! Oh yes, there’s a behind the scenes of this collection there 😉

* All images are Gray Malin’s work.