Blog Series: In my closet – One Stylish Day at a Time

Today, I have Miranda from One Stylish Day at a Time  giving us a peek of her fashion style and answering some fashion related questions. Hope you enjoy the interview! 😉

Latest purchase:  I just got this Kate Spade Saturday splatter print tank and I can’t wait to pair it with a pair of white shorts on our trip to the Caribbean next month!

Favorite color combo for outfits: I’m a fall dresser at heart, so I die for camel and black together. So chic.

Most treasured item: I wear a small, diamond ring on my right hand that my boyfriend gave me the day we moved in together a few years ago. We were poor college kids at the time, and its small size reminds me of how far we’ve come together.

If you could only shop at one shop which one would it be? Hmmm, only one? Then I’d probably go for a department store so I could have brand variety. You’re going to be shocked when I say this since I’m from Seattle, but I’d pick Saks Fifth Avenue, not Nordstroms. I just really like the buyers at Saks, and hopefully I’d have an unlimited budget too!

How often do you purge your closet? This is embarrassing to share, but usually only when I run out of hangers. I’ll buy something new and go to hang it up and if there isn’t a hanger for it, I’ll go threw my closet and pick one piece that needs to go.

How do you keep your closet organized? When I was a teenager, I decided to organize my closet one summer, separating pieces by style (dresses, long sleeves, tanks, etc.) and then organizing them by color, from light to dark. That system stuck and I haven’t looked back!

Any personal styling tricks you’d like to share? KISS –
keep it simple stupid. You’ve probably heard that corny acronym before,
but it never fails when it comes to fashion. Look at the French, their
outfits are incredibly chic, but also very simple, making their style
seem mysterious. And this applies to accessories too… while I’ve seen a
lot of arm stacks and pattern mixing this spring, I think that one or
two standout accessories make an outfit (think metallic heels or a great
statement necklace).

Do you have any shopping advice for others you’d like to share? You’ve probably heard this before, but invest in pieces you’ll wear forever, and be incredibly frugal about trendy pieces. But with that said, only invest in what you can afford. Don’t fret if you need to invest in a black bag but can’t afford that Celine or Chanel stunner you desperately want. There are a ton of beautiful, quality options in the $300+ category. Just invest in the best quality you can afford!

* Thanks so much Miranda!
Closet images: Miranda’s own
Products featured: Helmut by Helmut Lang Felt Moto Jacket / J Brand Boyfriend Jeans / Tibi Edita Sandal in Nude / Kate Spade Saturday Sexy Back Top in Splatter Paint
Style Icons: Emmanuelle Alt via Google / Olivia Palermo via Google