My life file: Yay for Spring

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Spring is finally here in full bloom! These last days have been spectacular, and seeing how trees are starting to bloom is just so beautiful! It’s so lovely to see the city green again, you know? With days like these we obviously had to spend so time outside, so on both days we went out, ran by the lake, walked, had lunch, and took Matthew to the playground. Nothing major, but blissful! How was your weekend? Here I leave you some snaps from last week:

I just can’t get enough of seeing chartreuse leaves against the blue sky, so so beautiful!

This page on the latest J.Crew catalog is my fave! Isn’t that top gorgeous? And I loove my new stacked pachyderm necklace I got at Anthropologie 😉

The girls from Ampersand Studio sent me this case and I couldn’t be happier, have you checked all their cases? Pretty stuff I tell ya 😉