Blog Series: In my Closet – Dream in Fashion

Today I have Bree from Dream in Fashion sharing her personal style here on the blog, hope you enjoy the feature!

Describe your personal style: I can never quite find the words to describe my personal style because I feel like it’s always changing. But in general, I like to think that my style has attitude. I take all sorts of items- classic, feminine, edgy, bohemian- and I try and make them my own. I usually start with classic undertones, then add in a few trendy pieces that reflect my current mood. The end result is hopefully a mix between classic and quirky. 

Must have items in your closet: How many must have items can I pick? This list could get long. I’ll narrow it down to my current favorites including distressed jeans, army jacket, chambray shirt, neon accents, and lots and lots of stripes. Actually, all those items together sound like a pretty great outfit. I guess I know what I’m wearing tomorrow.

Latest purchase: I recently picked up these mint flats from banana republic, and I just can’t stop wearing them. Initially, I thought mint might be a tough shoe to match, but I’ve made a habit of proving myself wrong at least twice a week. These flats go with just about everything.

Favorite color combo: Black and white for the classic side of me. And army green and hot pink for the trendy twist.

Who are your style icons? I’ve always been that girl who can’t keep her celebrities straight. Whenever my friends would talk about what a certain celebrity was wearing, I’d always say, “wait, who is that again?” So I’ve found that I identify better with girls who are more like me. Which makes fashion blogs the perfect inspiration. I’ve been a long time follower of Kendi Skeen (Kendi Everyday) and Alicia Lund (Cheetah is the New Black). Kendi has that classic girl next door look, but she effortlessly works in the latest trends. Alicia keeps things edgy with bold, stand out trendy pieces. Bloggers like these two ladies provide me with the perfect amount of realistic style, but with something to strive for.

Most treasured item: My first pair of designer denim that I bought sophomore year in college. Back then, $150 for jeans was a HUGE deal to me. I debated the purchase for weeks. Those jeans mark the beginning of my love for fashion. They are a pair of classic 7 for all mankind bootcut jeans, and they still fit like a charm. They are so well worn that I am afraid to wear them because they are so thin, they feel like they could rip at any moment. So I usually just admire them in my closet, and only take them out on those occasions when you need that perfectly worn, comfortable look.

What are you getting this Spring to update your closet? This spring, I’m loving florals. I guess it really goes with the season. Floral skinny jeans and a floral blazer are both on my wish list. Who knows, I might even get REALLY trendy and wear them together.

If you could only shop at one shop which one would it be? Piperlime. They have a wide range of prices and a wide range of styles. I can find both classic and statement pieces. And they often have good sales, and this girl LOVES a good deal.

How do you keep your closet organized? By colors and items. So I’ve got all my shirts together, and sorted by color. Then dresses, also by color. The same goes for pants, skirts, and blazers.

How often do you purge your closet? I try to have the 1 item in, 1 item out rule. So that if I buy something new, I have to donate something I don’t wear anymore. But, I really like breaking rules. So I often result to 1 (or 2) items in, 0 items out. So every 3 months I do a big closet reorganization. This helps me purge, and also reminds me of pieces that I might have been neglecting. It’s my trick for shopping my own closet.

Any personal styling tricks you’d like to share? Take pictures of your outfit. I know that might sound weird, unless you are a style blogger, but a picture is so much better than looking in the mirror. I never did this before I started blogging. But now I can’t imagine any other way! I’ll think I love an outfit, and then when I look at a picture of it, I think of changes or additions I’d wish I had made. Or I’ll notice that something just doesn’t look quite right I’ve started getting dressed, snapping a self-portrait or two in my full length mirror, and then looking at those pictures over breakfast. Then I can quickly make and tweaks before I head out the door.

Do you have any shopping advice for others you’d like to share? If you shop online, which I do frequently, make sure you know how to get the best deals. There are almost always “sales” happening. Sometime you just need the right code. You can sign up for emails, or do a quick google search for coupon codes at whichever online retailer you are shopping at. I save money about 80% of the time by sticking to this rule. The same goes for in-store shoppers. Check out the online coupons before you go, or use your mobile device on the spot.

*Thank you so much Bree! 🙂
Images credits: Colorful shirts (Bree’s own) / Kendi Everyday / Cheetah is the New Black
Featured products:  Rag & Bone Distressed jeans / J.Crew Striped sweater / J.Crew factory Army Jacket / Purse / Banana Republic Abby Flats