My life file: Bits from last week

New Orchids that I hope last longer than the previous ones!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Apart from a weird rash I got on my torso (which I still have), I had an amazing swim on Saturday morning (really, it was blissful!) followed by a great run on Sunday morning! I love those training days when you can separate mind from body, and that’s exactly what I did on Sunday; I just left my body doing its thing while I just fully enjoyed my music, it was perfect!

Wishing you all a great week! Here are some snaps from last week 😉

Loved this ceiling at an event I attended on Tuesday, pretty cool right?

A table FULL of deserts, and can you believe I didn’t touch any? Very proud of myself! Though in all honesty I did indulge in some chocolate that day 😉

Weekend sportswear

Had way too many homemade cheddar and parmesan sticks! Recipe coming this week 😉

Mini mini orchids seating on my shelf, they are the cutest!