My life file: Snippets

How was your weekend? The weather was really nice here, and I enjoyed my runs a lot! I’m running a 10k race this Saturday and I’m really looking forward to it. If there’s something I really believe in, is that you can always better yourself, and I like the extra encouragement I felt when I came across that line while on the Asics website. It is so true. So let’s have a great week shall we? And let’s give it all for that better self 😉

Here are some recent snaps, hope you enjoy them!

Pink peonies on my shelf, which, even though they no longer exist, made me really happy while they did 🙂

One great purchase, I tell ya!

Snagged some pretty plates at a yard sale, aren’t they pretty? I was surprised when the lady told me that no one was even looking at them! I spent a good time going through the box trying not to get a whole bunch of them!

And immediately put one to use as a jewelry holder 😉

Post run fun times for my little boy

Remember? I’m so in love with this skirt, how gorgeous is the color?! 

(make sure you order it according to the size chart, measuring tape on hand!)