Happy Weekend!

Ok, I told ya I was coming back for some weekly links, here are a couple of things I wanted to share with all of you, hope you enjoy them! Have a great weekend! I’ll be praying to Mother Nature to stop baking us, this week has been brutal!

ONE: A sneak peek at something I’m very excited to share, hopefully next week!
TWO: No bake cheesecake cups? yes please!
THREE: If you’re a fan of Homeland (who isn’t?) then you’re going to love this ridiculously good slideshow!
FOUR: Well, now you can pre-order Madewell‘s Fall pieces! One of my favorites is the tee from Look #7 😉
FIVE: And just after you finish seeing the slideshow from three, watch this video 😉
SIX: Cultural differences always fascinate me.
SEVEN: What this guy is doing for the health benefits of others is admirable. So inspiring and such a great example to follow. Watch this short video, really.
EIGHT: How gorgeous is this skirt? Very Tibi-ish right? LOVE.
NINE: Some deliciously looking recipes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉