My life file: From the long weekend

Hello!! Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was nice, I spent some time outdoors, swam, ran, and as I said yesterday, was quite productive in the craft department, though I still have lots to do! Here are some photos from what I’ve been up to 😉

Piling up books everywhere! (more on that later this month!) 😉

I seriously can’t get enough of my orange clutch, are you tired yet? Wearing it with these flats (so comfy that I’m considering another pair), similar shorts, similar belt here and here, and this tank

Had pretty peonies all over the apartment 🙂

These Martha Stewart paints are The Bomb! Of course, if you know me, you already know that now I just want to paint everything around me 😉

If you don’t wear these hair ties, go and order some for yourself right now, they seriously changed the game for me 😉 Speaking of hair ties, love these and these!

I now I shared this on Instagram already, but how lovely is this hairdo?! (that’s my sis-in-law) 😉


See? more peonies 🙂