My life file: Sneak Peek (s)!

How was your weekend?  I wish I could have enjoyed the beautiful weather we had (Thanks Mother Nature for hearing my prayers), but instead spent Saturday afternoon at the hospital with Matthew due to some respiratory complications. He’s good, so not to be concerned in case you were 😉 Being the 4th time this year, I now deal with it calmly, still, you know how it is when it’s about your child’s health….

Anyway, all is good, and let’s start the week with positive things shall we? This post is all about sneak peeks! I have a couple of exciting things to share this week and the next, and here’s a little preview/behind the scenes. But, before that I had to share these photos from Friday night, right after a storm, can you believe the color of the sky? Have to thank Jane for Instagraming about it, because as soon as I saw her pic I took my camera out and started snapping! So glad I didn’t miss it!

Behind the Scenes a very exciting collaboration:

Couldn’t resist to post a sneak peek
of the next In My Closet post. For a gal who doesn’t wear much color (me),
this lady has me swooning over her closet (this image is not by me):

Lastly, a behind the scenes/sneak peek of something I’ve been working on: