DIY File: Crafting with Anthropologie

So sorry it took me so long to post the re-cap and craft I did for the Anthro Event two weeks ago, as I said before, I left my camera and my phone died soon after I arrived (typical), but I managed to take some photos with Jenny’s camera and I also shot some after to show you how to do this easy project 😉

For the event we did a floral notebook cover with pressed flowers, petals, and leaves I picked up and pressed a couple of weeks in advance (I just placed them inside heavy books). I think we all had a great time playing around with all the flowers, and trying different designs. Plus, the girls from the store were incredibly nice and they had some delicious treats for all of us to indulge in, including a sparkling lemonade that was sooo good! Overall it was a very fun experience and I’m so grateful for the amazing opportunity!

Materials needed. Tip: if you have an old ugly notebook just cover it in what they call “newspaper” paper 😉

Step 1: Choose a couple of flowers to work with

Arrange them in a design you like. It was so interesting to see what every person did!

Use glue to stick them onto the notebook (since the petals are very delicate it’s better if you glue the notebook and then place the flowers)

After waiting a couple of minutes, cover the notebook in clear self-adhesive paper. Do one cover at a time making 6 cuts (top, bottom, and 2 for each corner on a diagonal)

And that’s it! Then have a small treat like we did (Anthro sure knows how to host!) 😉