Fashion File: Fall Essentials – The Hat

Third on the list of essentials for Fall is The Hat. Whether you’re falling into the baseball cap trend or want to keep it “classic’ with a wool fedora or wide brim hat, this sure is one item that undeniably will add a cool and edgy element to your whole look. I have to admit, I really love that beige/grey cap from J.Crew, what about you? Are you on board with this trend? I love hats, and I think I should wear them more often 😉

Hats in this post: J.Crew Colorblock wool baseball cap / Club Monaco Patricia Hat / BP. Felt Panama Hat / Club Monaco Patricia Hat / FairEnds™ Flannel Baseball Hat / J.Crew Colorblock wool baseball cap
Images: J.Crew / Polienne / Tommy Ton for / Vogue Netherlands via They All Hate Us / J.Crew

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