Happy (long) Weekend!

Any plans for the weekend? I didn’t realize that it was a long weekend until earlier this week! I even booked some flights and had no idea about it, I’m crazy. Yes, talking of flights, remember I said on Monday that I had some news to share? Well, I’m taking two mini-vacations in one. First, I’m headed down to Florida with my little guy, where I’m going to spend some time with my mom who I haven’t seen in a long time, and then…..then….I’m going to NYC for Fashion Week!!!!! Yeap, so freaking excited! I can’t even tell you. It’s going to be such a fun trip! I’m going with Jenny, and we’ll be going to some shows (!!!!!) and we have a couple of fun events to attend too. Can it get any better? I mean, a girls trip to New York during Fashion week? I don’t think so! There was a time when I thought it wasn’t going to work out, but then the stars aligned and when an opportunity like this presents, you have to make it happen! Soo….hopefully I’ll have great things to share on my return!

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend! 🙂 But before I go, here some links I wanted to share, hope you enjoy them!

ONE: Fashion week inspiration? Right here.
TWO: The most gorgeous yoga mats I’ve seen, so freaking genius! Via Elements of Style
THREE: An interesting read on Madewell‘s direction.
FOUR: One smart shopping advice. This is the way to shop people.
FIVE: Your favorite instagram accounts on one page, and ready to pin! I have a feeling I’m going to be visiting this site pretty often 😉 (I’ve already been stalking J.Crew)
SIX: Day and night, pretty awesome composition.
SEVEN: These animated illustrations are amazing, go check them out! Via Bookmaarks
EIGHT: Watch this commercial, and then the short insight on it. I don’t think Coca-Cola was expecting that. Also, don’t you think it looks like a commercial that Don Draper would have done? 😉
NINE: Great advice on how to wear different styles of jeans.