My life file: the weekend

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty nice, I went for a run by the lake on Saturday and it was soooo beautiful! Seeing all the boats sailing, people exercising…had me in such a good mood (ok, I owe some to the endorphins too!). After my run I took my little guy to the park, where, as usual, he made friends with just about everyone (he’s incredibly social). Then on Sunday, I went to Gap and got some pretty good deals on let’s call them pre-fall basics 😉 Oh and guess what? I went into Club Monaco (they had an extra 40% off sale items) and scored that beige and orange sweater for $18!!! There’s now way I could have passed that right?!

How was yours? Hope it was fantastic!

What I love about running with the stroller is that I get to to take my phone and document pretty days 😉

Stocking up on basics at Gap: Roll-cuff crew tee (sooo soft, it’s like a lightweight sweatshirt), Fluid pocket T (if you like loose, boxy type tees then you’ll love this one), Terry sweatshirt (a fall staple), and destructed always skinny jeans (great distressing and just the right length)

Playground time

on the distressed skinny jeans, I have a feeling I’ll be wearing these
non-stop, the length is perfect for both flats and booties

Changed up the frames on my desk last week, and I think that this arrangement is going to stay for awhile 😉

Love these cobalt jeans I got for Matthew 🙂

I need to figure out some shoe storage options, I’m running out of space, and not precisely because I have too many but because I don’t have enough space, mm, ok that’s not entirely honest, let’s say it’s a little bit of both 😉