Tips file: Running Playlist

I’ve been asked several times about sharing some running tips, and I’ve been working on a post that I’ll share soon (not that I’m an expert but maybe I’ll be able to help you or inspire you?) but in the meantime I want to share my current running playlist. The music I listen to while I run is pretty much based on my mood and the type of run I’m going for. For easy runs I like to listen to The Killers (my favorite band), and for speed intervals I go with some “explosive” songs to get me pumped (I’ll even hear the same song or two for all the high speed parts), but I usually have a playlist or two in my shuffle with my current favorite songs that help me either push harder or completely get lost while my body does its thing. Fun fact: I do a lot of lip syncing while I run 😉

My most recent music crush (as in major crush) is Natural Animal. If you haven’t heard them before I highly suggest you download their music right now (not only it’s amazing but free!). You have no idea how much I’ve been listening to their mixes, especially who you are and white doves. These songs get me in the zone like no other music does, I’m telling ya, those guys are super talented so make sure to check them out!

Here’s what I’ve been listening to for the last 2-3 weeks:

PS: Here’s another playlist 😉