Blog Series: In my Closet – Smashing Style

Today I have the lovely Ashley from Smashing Style sharing her personal style here with us, hope you enjoy the feature and make sure to check out her blog! 😉

Must have items: I live in skirts & dresses as much as possible. I’m also a sucker for a good coat so I have way more than any normal person should. I have also developed a pretty solid collection of leopard shoes…loafers, heels, wedges, booties, you name it.

Favorite color combo: I love almost any color combo, but I think navy, leopard and camo can work with anything.

Favorite Online Retailers: J.Crew, Zara….but I really like seeing things in person. It’s just not the same online!

If you could only shop at one store which one would it be? If I could only shop at one shop it would be J.Crew. I know that is SO predictable but I literally worship at the alter of Jenna Lyons. She can do no wrong.
How do you keep your closet organized? If only my closet
was organized! I’m a horribly type-B person when it comes to my closet. I
get it organized until it slowly devolves into chaos and I am forced to
pull everything out and start over. It’s incredibly traumatizing for my
type-A husband whose closet looks like Mr. Rogers himself arranged it.
How often do you purge your closet? I purge my closet every few months. That’s what happens when you live in NYC and you like shopping. Gotta make room for the new stuff. I have tried to be much more mindful about my shopping in the last year or so too and focus more on having one or two quality items, instead of a large volume of things.

What are you getting this fall to update your closet? This fall I’m looking for solid silk skirts & basic cashmere sweaters to pair with skirts, tights & boots.

Any personal styling tips you’d like to share? My best
personal styling tip is to be open minded about clothing. Sure a dress
may be marketed as a shift, but that doesn’t mean you can’t belt it. Get
things hemmed that are too long on you, have things taken in. It’s all
about proportion and most people aren’t built like a fit model. Do you have any shopping advice for others you’d like to share? My shopping advice is to pay attention to what you wear. You love navy sweaters and wear them daily? Great spend more money on them. You never have a shirt long enough to wear with your favorite jeans? Look for one. Find the holes in our closet and fill them. And of course, always keep enough money tucked away so that when you find that to-die-for vintage fur cape that you cannot live without you can buy it. Lastly, have fun with getting dressed every day. If you have fun with what you wear, other people will respond to it.

*Thank you so much Ashley!

Products: Zara Coat / Jenni Kayne Pony Panel Coat / Gap Animal Print Ballet Flats / Steven by Steve Madden Melter Loafer Leopard Calf Hair / J.Crew Collection Valentina calf hair d’Orsay pumps / J.Crew Grande Crystal Drops necklace /

Style Icons: Gwyneth Paltrow via People / Poppy Delevingne via