Decor & Interiors File: One Room Challenge – Week Four

Well, another week and a successful DIY (well, I’m pretty happy with the results!). Remember I said that I wish I could change the mirror? Ideally, in a world where I could take it down, I would have a small mirror over the sink and perhaps a shelf or two on the other half, but, since that is not happening, I decided to work with what I have. My friend Sarah gave me the idea to put some moulding around the mirror, and I thought that the idea was pretty genius and easy to tackle. So, I went to Home Depot (where I felt like a complete alien) and bought 2 sticks of moulding to stick onto the mirror. I went with a simple design as I thought that the gallery wall was going to have a lot going on and it would be too much with a very ornate frame. I had it cut, and then my friend Daan (Sarah’s husband) made me the favor to cut the edges on an angle (he did a pretty good job!).

So, with my moulding sized, there was just one thing left to do: paint it. And of course, what color would I only consider? You guessed that right. I tested three options and decided that applying gold foil was the way to go (see below). I’m not going to lie, it was a bloody nightmare, but well worth it. I still have to do some touch-ups here and there but you can’t easily tell where they are needed because of the dark walls (win win!!). I’m quite happy with the result, what do you think? It’s a pretty easy and cheap idea to “frame” a mirror don’t you agree? 

Testing out the options on the remnants

Next up is hang all the frames, get the cabinet pulls on, do something about the sconces and towel rack, decide about the rug….yeap, I have some work to do! Make sure to check out where the rest of the group is at with their progress!

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