Decor & Interiors: One Room Challenge – Week 5

This week, I made some progress, not major, but still progress; and I’m confident that this will be done by the weekend! The reason why I couldn’t get done more than I wanted to is that I’m still waiting for some prints and without them I don’t want to start hanging the frames because I need to have a clear idea of the overall look. But, I did start on the layout and have a very good idea of how is going to look 😉

So, this week’s updates are: I got the brass pulls on (love them!!), and in the process of doing so I learned a lesson: drill your holes before painting. Because it didn’t go so well with one of the pulls, I have some retouching to do, but nothing that can’t be fixed. I feel like they really finish up the whole cabinet look nicely, don’t you?

 See I how I screwed up on the left side? Note to self for future projects: drill, then paint!

Next, I got some pretty things! First, a golden letter B that is going up on the wall (see below) and some pretty cool hooks to replace the silver hardware. I’m just trying to decide which one?? Streamline or elephant? I could also spray paint the elephant…just a thought. Consider that it would be the hook for the hand towel.

And lastly, I framed all the prints, took individual photos, cropped them, sized them, and after some “playtime” I have a very realistic look of how the wall is going to look (just keep in mind that there are more frames to be hung).

Play around with in the right proportions

 And taking it to a “real” scenario 😉

So I guess this is it people! Next week I hope to have completed this
little project of mine 😉 Make sure to check out where the rest of the
group is at!

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