DIY File: Beaded Chambray Shirt & Sweatshirt

I guess I’ve made it clear that I like to embellish stuff, haven’t I? Well, today I’m partnering up with my sweet friend Albertina from Mimosa Lane to show you how you can get the look of this sweatshirt and this shirt for less! So, if you think you missed the opportunity on scooping those two (they sold out) or they were not in your budget, you can still create a similar look 😉

When they both came out not too long ago, I knew I was going to end up tackling a diy version, I just knew it 😉 So, today I’m showing you that all you need is chambray shirt (Old Navy has some great ones here and here, and Joe Fresh has another one here), beads, thread and a needle (ok and some patience) to get a similar look! And to see how Albertina did on her sweatshirt just visit her blog to get the scoop! I’ll be sharing how I’m wearing mine next week 😉

PS: Happy Halloween! 🙂

 Choose a thread in a color very similar to your shirt

I followed the same steps as in this DIY  – first I placed the beads, then I marked the round one with a pencil for guidance

The result!