DIY File: Embellished loafers

Today I have a super super easy DIY project to share. It all started with these, and the subsequent thought: “well, I have a pair of loafers that could use some embellishment!” A quick run to a fabric and notions store close by and in less than you could imagine, my new loafers were born 😉

This is probably the easiest DIY I’ve done, and if you have an old pair of loafers that could use some love, here’s an idea on how to bring them back to life 😉 All you need is some faceted drops (mine are plastic) and glue, that’s it. Play around until you find a design you like and then glue each piece on one by one. As easy as that! I couldn’t be happier with the results, I swear I’ve been wearing them non-stopping (evidence here, here and here).

If you want to give this a try with a new pair, I found similar ones here, here and here 😉