My life file: Snaps

Behind the scenes to a new collection coming to the Shop soon 🙂

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was good: pizza and crepes with friends on Friday, frames hunting and gallery wall progress on Saturday, and pumpkin carving on Sunday, not too bad. Here are some recent snaps, enjoy! 😉

Coming this week: a successful diy 😉

Gallery wall progress: framing!

 Two Old Navy favorites (sweatshirt on sale for $7!!, flats)

Morning light makes me happy 🙂

Something exciting about the cold temperatures as of late: breaking out the faux fur (this is from last year but it looks like they are selling a similar one this year too) 😉

 A beautiful morning last week!

THE find of the week: these Gap loafers! They are soooo comfy! Highly recommend them 😉

A gift from my mom that I’ve been wearing a lot!