Great Finds File: Society 6 Mugs

Happy Monday everyone! I just discovered that Society 6 is now making mugs and there’s so much goodness to choose from! Already added a couple of these to my gift guide (will start sharing this week), don’t you think they would make a great gift? For just $15 I think they are amazing! Oh and before I forget, they also come in two sizes 😉

Wishing you all a great week!

First row: Dots Mug by Priscila Peress / Zebra Mug by AnnaCas / Silver Polka Dots Mug by Georgiana Paraschiv
Second row: Pink Dots Mug by Judith van den hoek / Leopard National Flag IV Mug by M Studio / Abstract Mug by Cailin Rawlins
Third row: Snow Leopard Mug by LEGION 21 /Abstract I Mug by Natalie Baca / Zebra Mug by Anna Berthier
Fourth row: Dots Mug by Mary Kindrick / Glittering Gold Dots Mug by Allyson Johnson / Abstract sea Mug by Viviana González
Fifth row: Zebra Mug by Wakefield Workshop / Abstract Mug by Cailin Rawlins / Dots Mug by Priscila Peress