My life file: Chain Mail

Last week my pal Christin (from With a C.H.) tagged me in this short q&a going around on the web, so of course I had to oblige! Here it goes!

1. Favorite flower? I seriously can’t choose just one, I love flowers (I guess this is evident here), but my top 3 would be Ranunculus, Orchids (Phalaenopsis in particular), and Peonies.

2. Most and least organized space in your home? I’m pretty organized, and I really can’t function when there’s chaos around me, and when things get a little bit out of control it takes me less than 3 days to get it in order before I go mad. But, right now I have to admit that my desk is not looking really pretty (there’s a pile of stuff I need to sort).

3. What book have you read recently that really moved you? Well this is embarrassing, I currently have 3 books (Grace a Memoir, Proof of Heaven which I picked up at an airport, and Understanding Exposure) all half way read waiting for me to finish them. And if I let myself into Indigo (loooove bookstores) I’d sure add more to the pile. I need to get my act together!

4. What dish are you most looking forward to at Thanksgiving dinner? We already celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada, and to be honest I’m not that big of a fan of the Thanksgiving menu (I’m vegetarian). Now, for Christmas I’ve always looked forward to my grandmother’s austrian cookies. She’s austrian and she seriously is the best baker I know. I don’t know a single person who knows my family that doesn’t ask for her cookies during Christmas 😉

5. How do you take your coffee? I’m a green tea drinker. No sugar. Just plain green tea. Though on some occasions I would have it with lemon, ginger and some honey. 

6. Thing you miss most about high school? High School? Can we talk about College instead? I would say my friends and those late nights of group studying that always ended up being fun because at the end of the night we were just being very silly.

7. Most memorable concert? This year I saw The Killers, and being one of my favorite bands I have to say that it was a pretty good concert 🙂

 8. Dots or stripes? Stripes. No doubt about it (see below!)

9. How do you unwind before bed? A hot cup of tea, and some tv on my ipad (the only time I get to watch anything!) I’m currently watching Homeland, Once Upon a Time and How I met your Mother. And of course you gotta love Jimmy 😉 I also do my nails before going to bed, I know crazy! But they dry while I watch something.

Ok, so if you feel like answering any of these below, I would love to read about it 😉