Who You Are

Lately, I’ve been thinking that The Vault Files has a little bit of everything of my life except something that I think really defines who I am: thoughts on life. I really want to start sharing with you some random thoughts, perhaps you’ll find them useful? inspiring? perhaps you won’t? Either way I think that this is something that will complete this blog as a true reflection of who I am, so every now and then I’m going to let you into my mind 😉

Have you ever given thought to that “you are who you hang out with” saying and what it means to you? Just as the other saying goes “you are what you eat”, I believe that the thoughts, words, images, relationships, information, behaviors you feed your own persona, shape you in the long run. As someone who is constantly trying to better herself (hello competitive/perfectionist me!), I like to keep myself fueled with people, sites, that positively support me into becoming a better person. Whereas it’s at an athletic, intellectual and/or personal level, I believe that when you surround yourself with positivism, good vibes, wisdom and inspirational actions and thoughts, the more difficult it is to get off the path of becoming the best version of you.

How you feed your own self is undoubtedly how you’re going to act, think and feel, so choose carefully and surround yourself with people who elevate you, people who help you shine, people that get the best out of you. You’d be surprised of what you’re capable of when you hang out with people who not only inspire you, but celebrate your successes, support you, and reinforce your best qualities.

Besides the many blogs I follow for inspiration, I also follow other sites that positively affect me, sites that drive me into the right direction. For example, to mention a few that easily come to mind, I follow Runner’s World, Strive Life and One Beautiful Life on every single social media outlet they have. These keep me fueled with the right bits of information, whereas it’s in the form of a quote, a story, an image, an article, a tweet…they keep me on the right track and they spark the good in me. They inspire me, motivate me, educate me, influence me, with exactly what I need to be better.

You have the choice to create an ideal mix of positive influence and inspiration in your life, so take the matter in your hands and make it happen! Just as your body needs the right food to be healthy, your mind needs the right fuel to keep you in the right path. Don’t let others get in the way to becoming the best version of you, on the contrary, surround yourself with those that will help you become the best you 😉