My life file: A mix of random things

Stacks and stacks of Spitzbuben cookies ready to be glazed!

Happy Monday everyone!! How was your weekend? Crazy last minute shopping? I’m soooo glad I decided to get my gifts before the weekend, otherwise it would have been a little bit too overwhelming for me. I spent my weekend doing the usual house chores and running, and of course, I got my baking going on and finished (hopefully!) making some spitzbuben and vanillekipferl cookies to give away (though I have to admit, it’s going to take some serious will power on my part not to eat them, as this time around they turned out fantastic!!) 😉

Hope you guys are spending the Holidays with your fam! I’ll be sharing the recipe of the Vanillekipferl this week, maybe tomorrow, in case you want to bake them for Christmas 😉

Long and silky emerald skirt that could be a good option for the 24 😉 (sandals are these)

 Super easy appetizer that tastes delicious!! Roasted sweet potato with sea salt and rosemary + arugula + ricotta or goat cheese

 Adding this beauty to the shop soon! 🙂

If you need some basic black heels, these are just $40! I may or may not have treated myself to them 😉

Everyone’s favorite Holiday cookie: Vanillekipferl